Hi Friends have you been watching the news lately? Bill Cosby has made somewhat of a splash in the media with his guilty verdict in his sexual assault cases that have ultimately tarnished the legacy that he has built. I grew up watching the Cosby Show, A Different World and I absolutely loved the movie Ghost Dad, all in which he has played a major role in developing.  To witness a public figure who have created shows that are still a key cultural force and that still make an impact on todays society be stripped of tons of awards and have his career accomplishments overshadowed by his actions have prompted by exploration and my keen interest of how I can build and maintain my legacy for years to come.

Have you ever heard the song by Beyoncé, “I was here,” she talks about being remembered and wanting to leave an impact on the world before her life comes to end. For some time now, I have been focused more on building a legacy-a legacy that will still be strong, solid and sustained even when I am not around. As you may be aware, I just completed and graduated Nurse Practitioner school and now I am instantly in pursuant of another venture. In a recent conversation with one of my favorite cousins, I was discussing things that I can do to help build and establish my legacy- like what is my next move? In a 2hr long conversation she dropped the best jewels ever and I am here to share them with you!

There is no magical potion or a move that you have to make for you to build your legacy, because you already are. The very existence of who you are and what you’ve accomplished so far is your legacy in the making. How you treat people, the way you speak, your character, how you inspire others is our legacy. We spoke in length about all of these concepts. She provided an example of her grandmother and how she remembered her as the matriarch of the family who adored and promoted family unity and how she was such a sharp dresser.

It got me to thinking about my family and on how they will be remembered by me, and on how I will be remembered by others. My husband on his affection for me and on how he takes pride in taking care of his household; my mother on how she poured every ounce of everything she had into making me great and my grandmother on her business swag in being the CEO of her own company are some ways in which they will be remembered by me.  My mother often jokes and voices, that on her obituary she doesn’t want any information on where she worked, or went to high school or college; She wants it to read, “She lived.” Think about it,  people never really remember what job you worked but remember how you made them feel when they were around you.

This posts is not intended  for you not to intentionally and fearlessly pursue your goals in building your legacy but to see your legacy as much more than accomplishing goals but more so on how you want to be remembered. Keep in mind that our legacy is fluid in that we are always adding to it.

How do you want to be remembered? Is it as being kind, outgoing, successful, empathetic, a go-getter, generous, a great mother? You tell me…

Yours Truly




Hi Friends, we haven’t spoken in over a month and to be honest I missed writing! Lately, I have been so busy with completing assignments for school that little time has been left for me to even breathe. I know that this may sound exaggerated but this last month of school has been hectic to say the least. Thank GOD that I have a supportive husband, family, friends and classmates who have made this school experience a little bit easier.

Since we haven’t spoken in almost a month, I wanted to take this time to give you a quick update on my status, so lets get into it:



What have you been up to? Leave me a message in the comment section to let me know.



Can I get a Re-Do?

Hi friends in my last blog I stated that I would be sharing 3 things that I  have learned while being away from my Husband, although it is something that I am eager to share, it was placed in my heart earlier this week to discuss, do-overs in life. Now you may ask, what is a do-over?  A do-over is an opportunity to try or perform something a second time.   Let me provide you with some examples where do-overs may be common. In learning how to play sports you may hear being yelled by the player, “let me get a do-over,” or in Nursing School, you may get three chances to pass a calculation exam. In a relationship it is common for someone to ask for forgiveness in pleading for a second chance. Although I believe in do-overs, also known as second chances there are some opportunities, events or tests in life that only happen once in a life time. Once in a life time events such as your wedding day, your anniversary, a special assignment for school or just making a decision in an area of your life;  for instance deciding if you want to accept a job offer. But wouldn’t it be so great if life was like Microsoft office? When I am writing a text and accidentally make a mistake I could hit the undo button and everything would go back as it was before in a matter of seconds. Maybe an argument with a family member led to years of bitterness and as a result you haven’t spoken in years; you wish you could go back and handle the situation differently and at this point you don’t know if your love-one will forgive you. Maybe you didn’t study for a test like you were suppose to, and as a result you failed the course. Or you accepted a job position that you thought would help take you to the next level in your career and it turns out that the role was so much different than advertised. Although you may wish that you can hit the rewind button, unfortunately there is no re-do button for these types of situations.

Whether your situation is small or monumental or something that may be of sentimental value my advice is to really search within your heart and soul to determine your desired outcome. In this blog I have shared with you three ways to assist in helping you to make the right decisions in life. I believe that if you follow these three recommendations, it will help to save you a lot of fear, anxiety and disappointments.

1.)  Seek GOD First. God wants us to live a fulfilled life by seeking his divine direction. GOD will lead you on a path that will fulfill the plans he has for your life. He’s the one that knows the direction of your life and will lead you accordingly.

2.)  Seek Wise Counsel. Proverbs 19:20 states that each one of us need someone that we can turn to when there is a fork in the middle of the road. In my experience in seeking advice from someone who you can trust, someone who has experience in your area of need and someone that is completely removed from the situation may be able to provide you with non biased advice in an effort to help you make a decision. Remember that it’s still your decision.                                                                                                                                                              
3.)  Listen to your gut feeling. This is the feeling we all have when we say “we shoulda, coulda, or woulda.” It’s the feeling you get when something is heavy on your heart. It’s our brain telling us something when we don’t actually have the statistical evidence pointing to the solution. It’s our Intuition! My advice is to let your purest intentions lead you in making the best decision for you!

As I come to an end I want you to keep in mind that we all make mistakes, some big and some small.  Additionally we may wish we would have taken an alternative route or may have acted differently in a certain situation. Because we are human, we may not always make the right decisions in that moment or circumstance but we serve a forgiving GOD who forgives us over and over again , and will allow that moment of defeat to become a teachable moment and most of all his example of redemption! In all adversaries remember this, and this too shall pass

Here are some bible verses to get you through times of trouble.

1. Isaiah 41:10
Do not be afraid—I am with you! I am your God—let nothing terrify you! I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you.
2. 2 Corinthians 12:9
But his answer was: “My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak.” I am most happy, then, to be proud of my weaknesses, in order to feel the protection of Christ’s power over me.
3. James 1:2-4
My friends, consider yourselves fortunate when all kinds of trials come your way, for you know that when your faith succeeds in facing such trials, the result is the ability to endure. Make sure that your endurance carries you all the way without failing, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.
4. Psalm 55:22
Leave your troubles with the Lord, and he will defend you; he never lets honest people be defeated.

As always thanks for stopping by,




33 goals for 33 years of life

Hello Friends! I stated in my last diary entry that I would be sharing my 33 goals for 33 years of life.  Writing down your goals and dreams helps to create a life that you truly love living.  While some people prefer vision boards, I prefer writing my goals down.  It gives me a since of accomplishment when I can finally cross it off the list.  Whatever your preference may be in terms of goal setting, the most important thing is that you spot your prey, study it and seize the moment!  Since I am a to-do-list person, I have committed my goals to writing.   It may seem like a lot to accomplish but I have strategically set some small daily wins and some big smart goals to add to the list.  Keep reading, you may find that we have a lot more in common  and that it’s not as complicated as you think!

I am a numbers person.  If you know me personally, then you would know that the number 7 is my favorite number.  I believe that there are times in the BIBLE where God is communicating the idea of divine completeness, perfection and wholeness by the means of the number 7.  Let’s place this in perspective!  My birthday is February 7th.  My husbands birthday is September 7th, our wedding anniversary is January 7th, and our birthdays are 7 months apart.  Whenever I look around and the number 7 is somewhere near this is confirmation that I am right where I belong.  However, the  number 33 falls in line with the heart desires, maturity and personal expression.  It also encourages world harmony, spiritual creation and the understanding of the essence of being. With this is mind I have set 33 goals for 33 years of life!


1) Read 3 books.  I haven’t had the leisure time in a while because I am currently in Nurse Practitioner School and studying takes up a lot of my free time.  Once I finish school, reading leisurely will become more feasible.  Over the summer I was able to read a book by the world- renowned author Toni Morrison named, GOD Help the Child, this was a phenomenal book.  This book was a page turner and ignited by appetite to read more.

2) Lose 20 lbs. by the end of the year.  It is no secret that I gained an astronomical amount of weight and I don’t like it, so I must lose this weight!  Being healthy for myself, my husband, my family/friends and my future kids are a top priority!

3) Exercise 3-4 times a week.  Exercising provides all types of health benefits.  I preach this all the time to my patients, so I must practice what I preach.

4)  Participate in a 5k marathon.  Last year my husband and I participated in a 5K marathon in Charlotte, NC and surprisingly, I found it quite fun and challenging.  Building my stamina to run the entire race has now become apart of my workout regimen.

5) Travel on mission trip to an area of need. I must admit that this is a far fetch goal because of the cost associated with traveling and room/board, but I am placing it on my big, smart goal list because its something that I have always wanted to do ever since  I became a nurse.

4) Drink a 1/2  gallon of water a day.  I must say that drinking water can provide a variety of health benefits.  I have bought a cute gallon jug to help inspire me to meet this goal.  If you are thinking about drinking a gallon of water a day, please check with your PCP before initiating, because there are some diagnosis where drinking too much water can provide more risks than benefits.

5) Travel to 2 countries that I have never been before.  Bali and Thailand are for sure on the bucket list!

6)  Focus on being present and in the moment.  I shared recently about my personal struggle with anxiety and how sometimes my anxiety can take away from enjoying the present moment.  This year, I plan on being present and staying in the moment.

7) Refrain from using heat on my natural hair for 6 months.  They say that when a woman changes her hair, she’s about to change her life.  I have already begun to accomplish this by wearing protective styles such as braids.  I am committed to having healthier hair this year.

8) Apply makeup like a pro.  Everyone who knows me, know that I love makeup.  I am currently obsessed with my Rihanna Fenty Eyeshadow  Palette.  I have been practicing the technique and application whenever time permits.

9) Learn to speak some words in Japanese.  I have learned to say some words such as, “thank you,” “excuse me” and “hello.” I want to develop conversational skills and adopt the Japanese etiquette for socialization.


10) Tithe.  To much is given, much is required.  I want to show GOD that I am reliable and that I am committed to following his word.

11) Spend time with GOD daily.  This comes in many forms for me.  Meditating, praying, reading the bible, going to church, witnessing and volunteering.

12) Get involved with a church home in Okinawa, Japan.  To be honest, my husband and I have visited a church in Japan and simply stated, we were disappointed.  We’ll keep looking, because this is something our hearts both desire.


13) Go on a solo trip with my husband.  We’ve been so busy adjusting to Japan, him adjusting to his role as Chief Postal Officer and I, just trying to wrap my head around actually living in a foreign country that we haven’t thought about traveling.  Additionally, in the spirit of “keeping it real,” we’re living on a one income budget and traveling is just not on the to-do-list.  As my uncle in my head, Sam Cooke said, “A change is gonna come.”

14) Cook a new recipe monthly.  Thurman-my husband loves to eat.  Its only right that I introduced new healthy recipes into our diets.

15) Read the book of Job together.  Someone once prophesied that I was going to marry a man with the heart of Job.  I want to know what my husbands heart is made of and its important that he knows too, because our hearts are one in the same.

16) Save money for our dream home.  Who knows when we will actually “plant some roots,” the military life is so unpredictable and ever changing, but while we are transitioning, we are preparing for our future.


17) Get a Nursing job on base.  I can not believe how difficult it has been, in getting a nursing job on base.  My advice to anyone who is transitioning overseas due to military orders is to keep trying, timing is EVERYTHING!

18) Buy property in my hometown.  No matter where I go, Jacksonville, FL will always have a little piece of my heart, after all its where my mother resides.  It is important for me to have some property where a piece of my heart lay.

19) Save money.  Only shop for nonessential items once per month( i.e. shoes, clothes, makeup). Honestly, I spend way too much money on clothes and makeup. I  wear them once and then never wear them again and I use the makeup a few times then on to the next. This hurts my bank account and it has to stop.

20) Start re-contributing to my 401k.  Saving for retirement is the most important financial goal you will have, so saving for retirement is a must-to-do.

21) Pay off all Credit Card Debt. I just want to be free!!!

22) Save $10,000.  Proverbs 21:20 “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.”


23) Obtain my Masters in Nursing. My expected graduation date is 5/2018, so I am almost there. Its getting harder,  so that’s how I know that I am almost near the finish line.

24) Pass my certification exam to practice advanced nursing. Its not enough to graduate school. I must sit for a state licensure exam. I have already begun to study the material.

25) Attend one professional nursing workshop.  Since these courses are usually offered in the states, when visiting family/friends in the states, registering for one of these classes will be on the to-do-list.  These courses help to promote growth and professional development in nursing.

26) Become involved with the Okinawa Nursing Association.  Becoming involved in your states nursing association can help to advance your professional development.

27) Volunteer with the American Red Cross.  I have already begin to volunteer with the American Red Cross in Okinawa, Japan.  My goal is to receive a Presidential Service Award, it’s for those volunteers who have donated 1000 hours of their time.

28) Donate money to Florida A&M University alumni association. I bleed orange and green-after all I will have 3 degrees from my alma mater.


29)  Invest in  Write at least 2 diary entries per month.

30) Attend a bloggers workshop.  Learn more about blogging ins and outs.

31) Grow my page views to 300 per entry and increase my blog following.  When I first released by blog on my birthday, I had over 300 views on my page.  I would like to keep the momentum with every blog entry.


32)  Help one person to accomplish one of their life goals.  Assisting others in reaching their goals inspires me to be a better  mentor, friend, co-worker and wife.

33) Help to send someone to college with a one-time scholarship.  When I went off to college, I was offered scholarships, some big and some small which helped with offsetting the financial costs.  I want to help someone, because I was helped.  I will carefully plan when I initiate this goal.

Whew!  This was a lot, 33 goals for 33 years of life!  So, tell me what are some of your goals, are we similar in some aspects?  Leave me a comment, I would love to know how I can help.


Peace and Blessings









Hello There! If you are reading this today, it is my 33rd Birthday and the word for this year in my life is BOLD.  If I can be honest, after my 30th birthday I have always approached my birthdays with resistance and guilt -resistance because I realize that I am no longer a 20-something year old adult and guilt because I knew that I let yet another year pass without accomplishing a goal on my to-do-list. With this personal new year in mind, I am approaching life BOLDLY.  Bold career moves.  Bold speech.  Bold faith.  Bold impact.   With this I must say that Lord, You are faithful and loving in all of your ways.  YOU have molded me, YOU have kept me, and YOU have sustained me for yet another year, and I give you ALL the honor and the praise.

I decided to share this online journal today, on my birthday because it is a symbol of new beginnings and it is something that I have always wanted to do.  So keep reading, here’s a little about me:

I am a 33 year old Florida native who currently lives in Okinawa, Japan alongside my husband who have spent over 21 years in the Marine Corps. I am a graduate student at Florida A&M University studying to obtain a Masters in Science in Nursing. I love Nursing! GOD has given me a desire to help others in somewhat could be an unfortunate time in their life. My journey to pursue nursing came from obstacles that I endured while living in Chicago, IL in my early twenties. My desire as a Nurse Practitioner is to provide quality healthcare to an underserve community which can provide both rewards and some challenges. Additionally, I believe in paying it forward, I would love to be a nursing educator. I am a firm believer in that quality nurses come from quality education and quality education needs to have quality educators. Being a nurse educator is so much more than teaching, it is aspiring those next generation of nurses to take pride in the service that they provide. I have so many more professional and personal desires with the most important involving philanthropic work.

I am a self-proclaimed fashionista who loves traveling, studying different culture/norms, writing, watching documentaries, scratching off my to- do-list and cooking. Currently, I am enrolled in a Japanese cooking class. Did you know that Okinawans are some of the longest living people on the planet and its partly due to the foods that they eat. Some of the foods that I am learning to cook are ramen noodles with fried dumplings , a variety of rice bowls and egg rolls, and homemade Japanese soup. For my husband, family and friends this is for you to enjoy.

To my husband I am the love of his life. To my family I am the first. My mothers  first and only child,  the first grandchild, the first great grandchild and the first niece, so you can easily say that I am a natural born leader. To my friends, some may say that I am the baby of the group and others may say that I am the “mature” friend.  Ask anyone of them to describe me and you may receive a different response from each on a different day (I’ll talk more about this on a later diary entry).  To you, I just want to be Kasheika who lives intentionally, fearlessly and gratefully.

More importantly, I am a believer in Christ. I am on a spiritual journey to study, to pray, to reflect and to grow my relationship with GOD. This process is unique and individual as each individual is unique. I believe that it is important to become the best you by pursuing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I am interested in purchasing a book by T.D. Jakes called, Soar! Build Your Vision from the Ground up. The reviews are positive, and I believe that this will be the right book to kick start my personal new year. Does anyone have any suggestions? Leave your suggestions in the comment box below.


What will start out as an online diary will hopefully grow into something more where I am encouraging my self and others to live their best life.  I have so many ideas and have started consulting website designers to add some vigor to the site.   I started writing an online diary as I was sitting home on the couch in Okinawa, Japan and wanted to write and to share my personal thoughts and experiences.  Journaling helps to enhance ones life.  It gives an opportunity to understand yourself better, it motivates you and makes you self reflect.  Furthermore, I have always wanted to write and to encourage others with thought provoking discussion on various and sensitive topics. TheKashDiary hopes to aspire you to live your best life, to invest time and energy in your relationships, personal goals and to trust GOD. This diary will resolve around my journey to become the best me in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, so I invite you to tag along in the journey of self-discovery, self-fulfillment, and self-reflection

Thank you for stopping by on my birthday,


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